Friday, January 10, 2014


You dream big, dreams of the heart, he dreams of putting soul in every dream

Dreaming big, with what for others is impossible, that there are no limits on your dreams

Make your dream in your reason for fighting, your goal for the day

That you drive your dream, your dream you guide

Don't give up your dream, before criticism empty that tell you it's impossible, perhaps who says you is someone who never dared to dream

Do not abandon your dream given the difficulty on the way to its realization, no one said that a dream must be easy

Give your dream a handle firmly with your reality, not you turn what you live, or do not turn from your life by going after your dream

It depends on make your dreams a reality, it depends on open roads

It depends on believe in possibilities or failures

When can make your sleep, savoring the sweet taste of your victory, but don't stop, get ready to dream a dream more!

If can't find you

If I don't find you I want you to know that you had loved with the soul, that was waiting for you, have it long, so much, that I can not specify, that you dreamed of my most beautiful dreams, longs you with the strongest hope and to love you even without knowing who you were.

If I can't find you, I want you to know that you had made merry, and I am sure that together with you my happiness would have been larger. Every day you take a smile, hoping that you could see it and every day find your gaze, thousand eyes surrounding me.

If I don't find you I want you to know that you were in all my poems, you were the inspiration of each word, you were the impetus by which wrote. To try to describe to you without looking at you, understand you without knowing you.

If I don't find you want to know that a beat of my heart you kept, that a fragment of my thoughts dreamed you, that my hands were waiting by touching you and my lips to name you.

If I don't find you I want you to know that I take the memory of what I felt, and feel, even if it is a story that is never written, that will always be part of my dream although you not to be part of my life, and that my way always waited to cross with your steps.

If I can't find you I want you to know that you had loved with soul...

From my window

Today I woke up and the first thing I saw from the window of my room, was something that seemed unreal, the light of a blazing sun, deep blue and the Green bushes which had its leaves.

It is not the usual image I have every day, when I wake up, my window the streets and its noise, the cars that pass and people are that hasty steps as automaton to its destination.

But today, I'm on vacation in my paternal grandparents House, and although it is in one city like any other, my room in a sort of attic, offers me this almost magical image through my window, shrubs and vines that my grandmother has in the roof.

When once this image to wake up, not can't help feel alive, feel that a day of color welcomes you, that ray of sunshine not only flows through the window, if you are not trying to cross you soul and fill you with energy.

You wake up without stress, without haste, and causes you to stay there contemplating that vision of a new day. And you imagine out a flowery field away from the walls of concrete, smog and bustle of people, but no, they follow there, in fact I hear up to the city at the end of the whisper of the wind, and think, "I want to stay here dreaming," with this perfect world that an image through my window brought to my thoughts.

But it's getting late, I get up, the real world awaits me, and although it is not equal to the view I have from my window, I think that it take part of this gift that God put to me. It takes the energy of that Sun and the blue sky looming in my window and the peace that transmits the green of the leaves, and I would say without a doubt, "today will be a great day"

Friday, January 3, 2014

The third breath

Some time ago, in my years of University, a teacher spoke to me something that stayed etched in my mind: the third breath...

The third breath, is the force that comes from you, when you think that all is lost, is the last step you need to take to reach the goal, is this last attempt that allows you to achieve your goals.

Ever happened to you, that when you try something with all your strength, but you fail over and over again in each attempt, comes the time, when already tired, before giving for a lost battle, you say: " Ok ", I will try one last time," and there the miracle happens and get what you want, at the time, where a burst of strength and courage allowed you to not give up you used your breath third.

When stumble again, and again, and again, as many times already these tired of falling, and you end up giving you up, suddenly, before retiring, you turn the look and hear a voice that says: "one more time", and manage to overcome the obstacle that did not allow you to continue, there are using your third breath.

The third breath, is that spark hidden faith that keeps you standing, even after all the blows of life, when you need it, pushing your spirit forward, showing you the opportunities before you could not see. It is that strength that does not allow you giving up, making you stubborn towards life.

The third breath, is the inner voice that tells you: "Come on, are you going to pay?", or, "You can do it", is that hand that you pull and you lift, just before fall. It is that "once more", "a final attempt", that will help you to get what you want.

Third breath is God who speaks to the ear, and tells you secret "I'm here with you, don't give up, that I will fight with you and for you"

We all have a third breath, so, before surrender, close your eyes and listen to it, take a deep breath and dare to go one step further.