Friday, January 10, 2014

From my window

Today I woke up and the first thing I saw from the window of my room, was something that seemed unreal, the light of a blazing sun, deep blue and the Green bushes which had its leaves.

It is not the usual image I have every day, when I wake up, my window the streets and its noise, the cars that pass and people are that hasty steps as automaton to its destination.

But today, I'm on vacation in my paternal grandparents House, and although it is in one city like any other, my room in a sort of attic, offers me this almost magical image through my window, shrubs and vines that my grandmother has in the roof.

When once this image to wake up, not can't help feel alive, feel that a day of color welcomes you, that ray of sunshine not only flows through the window, if you are not trying to cross you soul and fill you with energy.

You wake up without stress, without haste, and causes you to stay there contemplating that vision of a new day. And you imagine out a flowery field away from the walls of concrete, smog and bustle of people, but no, they follow there, in fact I hear up to the city at the end of the whisper of the wind, and think, "I want to stay here dreaming," with this perfect world that an image through my window brought to my thoughts.

But it's getting late, I get up, the real world awaits me, and although it is not equal to the view I have from my window, I think that it take part of this gift that God put to me. It takes the energy of that Sun and the blue sky looming in my window and the peace that transmits the green of the leaves, and I would say without a doubt, "today will be a great day"

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  1. Please keep writiting! :) I totally love reading what you feel and see. Dreamy, lovely and beautifully! :)